WINNER’s new song ‘SOSO’ on Melon chart

WINNER didn't do well on the music charts

51th place

original post: theqoo

1. YG should be boycotted

2. It’s hard for idols to rank high on Melon these days;;

3. The song is not good. It’s not WINNER’s music style that I used to like

4. Wow, no other YG singer besides AKMU has done well on music charts this year .. YG is no longer the agency where singers always do well on music charts

5. AKMU got first place on Melon. So, not YG is being boycotted … Instead, WINNER’s song is not good

6. Instead of saying this is a boycott, it’s not really a good song … They tried a new kind of music but it was not good…

7. I like WINNER’s songs but this time I don’t like it

8. Combining many reasons: YG + boycott + machine + lack of promotion + new music genre

9. I didn’t even know the song was released ㅠㅠ

10. I listen to all YG new songs regardless of boycott, but honestly this song is not a good song.

11. What happened to idols these days?…

12. This time, WINNER said they don’t care about rankings and want to do the genre of music they want…

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