Wisely deal with sharp questions … WINNER Kang Seungyoon “The quality of the leader”

WINNER Kang Seungyoon answers a reporter's question about YG's recent controversy regarding 'Burning sun'

The question about YG‘s situation in the Kpop fever is shaking the world. On the outside, it seemed to ask about “K-Pop YG”, but in reality it was a question about YG‘s reality that was affected by “Burning sun“.

Kang Seungyoon said: “We don’t know if we will become world artists, but we are building our own music and colors.” He said, “I’m very careful about YG’s condition.”

However, the reporter asked Kang Seungyoon again. Finally, the interview was interrupted for a while. After a while, Kang Seungyoon asked for forgiveness, saying that he could not answer the question correctly.

In fact, in the interview, there are also favorable questions and sharp questions for artists. But the artist cannot give you the answer to every question. Almost no obligation to answer. In sensitive times like these days, keeping words is good, and carelessness can be caused by unintentional words that can create unintended controversies.

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1.[+443, -6] Not everyone can be a leader. That’s why WINNER is good.

2. [+375, -3] That’s the leader’s position. Yoon Ki-baek, the reporter, said, “Kang Seung-yoon must have been in a bad mood. Please understand that he handled it well. Thank you for writing the article.

3. [+284, -4] You handled the sensitive question well. It’s Kang Seungyoon! I think he has handled the sensitive questions well at this time.

4. [+212, -1] Seungyoon has the right idea and is good at talking!

5. [+169, -2] Winner, let’s cheer up.

6. [+112, -1] I don’t know which media it is, but I don’t know whether reporters know about it. Go to the wrong side and ask them directly. WINNER knows nothing about it and it’s hard to comment on it.

7. [+76, -0] Our leader is precious. Thank you for writing nice article.

8. [+66, -0] Please protect the artist. Kang Seungyoon is the youngest leader. He is young, but he is re-enacting his responsible personality and musicality.

9. [+60, -0] Thank you for being the leader. I’m sure you were embarrassed by the sudden question. Thank you so much for being the leader! Let’s go even further.

10. [+60, -1] I’m angry. He’s good at dealing with it’s. Why would you do that to WINNER after that? It’s really upsetting.

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