WINNER “Let’s go your way, Yang Hyunsuk’s advice …Thanks for the past 5 years”

WINNER revealed Yang Hyunsuk's advice for them

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1.[+3470, -43] YG, Are you asking them to escape?

2. [+2658, -57] I wish they could escape. I think they afford to produce their music without any other impact.

3. [+2061, -40] As soon as WINNER debuted, they had a year and a half of break time. YG didn’t push WINNER. But they will succeed. You go your way~ They walked on their own.

4. [+633, -68] I’ll love you more than five years later.

5. [+532, -46] I’m so excited. Congratulations on Winner. Let’s spend our lives together.

6. [+347, -11] Yang Hyunsuk should thank WINNER a hundred times if he has a real conscience. Each song in the title song composed by Kang Seung-yoon, and Winner’s efforts are enough to make Winner’s own genre. Even without the help of their management agency, they all make their own songs, stick together, and there are few talented idols like Winner.

7. [+241, -5] Does that mean you will let them go? The public wants them. WINNER’s song was great.

8. [+208, -5] What is Yang Hyun-suk’s advice to WINNER at this time? … Take care of yourself first

9. [+155, -2] WINNER, No. 1 in the company’s promotional activities, LOL … all thanks to the good songs.

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