Hanyang University student asked to boycott ‘YG Group’ … WINNER’s performances may be canceled

WINNER was ostracized at the university festival because of under YG

Hanyang University, after Myongji University, announced a boycott of YG singer.

Earlier, WINNER was on the list of artists who will perform here.

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1.[+317, -161] They passed the hard work when they were trainees and debuted as singers. That doesn’t affect WINNER’s career.

2. [+172, -56] What did the artists do wrong?

3. [+253, -147] What crimes have the YG artists committed? What is this? Celebrities have their personal lives, isn’t that their problem to give a ridiculous standard to them? It is becoming a strange society!

4. [+246, -147] WINNER is a very sincere group. Are all employees guilty if their company has a problem?

5. [+135, -65] Following Myongji, it’s funny

6. [+71, -20] I’m sure Hanyang University students won’t get a job at any big company in our country. You can’t work for a big company because of the collusion between politics and business.You won’t use any Japanese products, let alone travel to Japan. That’s right, Hanyang University students.

7. [+47, -6] Aren’t you going to go to Samsung, Lotte, SK, and Korean Air? What do you mean YG is nothing? Then you want to get a job in an illegal company, right?

8. [+51, -14] I hope you find a company that has no blemish and get a job. WINNER did a lot of good things, and… Is this not the ’70s, is this all a sinner?

9. [+40, -7] Why do they treat such artists? And the target’s wrong. You should criticize Yang Hyunsuk, not WINNER.

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