Winter’s facial expressions on stage are worse than I thought

She only has this expression when I watch Girls On Top’s performance video

Because the other members did so well, it stood out even more

original post: pann

1. [+285, -71] Every time I watch her perform, I feel like she can’t even lipsync

2. [+218, -34] That’s true, but who do you think is an idol with the right facial expressions on stage? Idols get cursed for their exaggerated facial expressions, they get cursed for their bad facial expressions, and I’ve never seen you guys praise idols for their facial expressions

3. [+136, -6] The Aespa members look expressionless all the time, so I thought it was just their concept

4. [+78, -27] As expected, the seniority of the idols cann’t be ignored. Senior idols still do better. Their expressions and gazes are so good

5. [+57, -43] Now you guys are bashing her for her facial expressionsㅋㅋㅋ When I watched the stage, I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all