Withdraw Japanese members like TWICE Sana” … Boycott Japanese goods

Withdraw Japanese members like TWICE Sana, Boycott Japanese consumer goods

The movement boycotted Japanese goods spreading among Korean consumers as the Japanese government tightened export regulations such as semiconductor materials for Korea. Among them, there are requests to withdraw Japanese members who are operating in Korea like TWICE Sana.

Moreover, there is an opinion that Japanese artists should stop working. Japanese members like Sana, Momo, Mina, Sakura, Hitomi Honda and Nako Yabuki became the main targets.

Netizens responded that they should “return to Japan”, “do everything for Japan”, “should not be paid in Korea” and “culture should be boycotted as well as products”.

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1.[+309, -67] Please leave Sana alone. Sana, she has received much hate in Korea. Why consider economic and diplomatic issues imposed on a Japanese individual. But if you do that, it will be the end of TVXQ in Japan.

2. [+152, -36] I’m sick and tired of them. Don’t do that.

3. [+114, -9] Don’t let individuals involve political and foreign affairs.

4. [+70, -19] Sana fighting

5. [+24, -0] Japanese celebrities like Sana, Mina and Momo. Most normal Koreans antagonize the Japanese government and don’t hate all Japanese. Don’t be hurt by some rude things.

6. [+17, -0] Reporter, where is that public opinion? If you are a reporter, please act like a reporter.

7. [+14, -0] No, I’m not a TWICE fan, but I want to say something to everyone. Korean people care about celebrities. Of course, if they break the law, they deserve criticism, but if they are innocent celebrities, don’t try to curse them.

8. [+13, -2] Don’t talk nonsense. This is demagoguery. It is an intelligent ploy to tarnish the boycott movement in Korea. You’re dirtier than you think.

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