The Twitter account of the woman who sued an idol for s*xually assaulting her

‘I hope they contact me this time’
‘Let’s not like (him) like a fool, let’s like (him) in a smart way’
‘I miss Hyungjoon.. I want to meet him, even as a failed love’
‘I want to know Hyungjoon’s phone number.. I want to meet him again’
‘Should I sue him or not?’
‘I decided to go to Ilsan Police Station and sue him later on Monday’
‘Kim Hyungjoon thinks he’s the big deal here, I can’t accept the fact that he belittles me’
‘It may be difficult, it will take some time to return things to how they used to be before..’
‘I will sue him with no hesitation!!!’
‘I will absolutely expose to the whole world that Kim Hyungjoon did a sexual assault’
‘Back then, I thought you were cool, mysterious and stuffs.. But not anymore. The reality hit me really hard. I hope you will genuinely apologize to me’
‘Kim Hyungjoon, wait for me. I miss you! A lot<3
‘I’m the same like you, Kim Hyungjoon. You leaving me was a mistake and you turned me into this lunatic crazy bitch’
‘First kiss.. My ass’
‘Do you remember?’
‘I will make sure to talk well to the reporters later when they call me. I will record it, because no one knows if it gets aired on the news..’
‘SBS 8PM News..’
‘I appeared on the News..’

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1.She sounds like a f*cking weird person, though..?

2. She sounds mentally-ill…

3. If this is true then I feel really bad for Kim Hyungjoon.. But let’s wait for further explanations..

4. Hul.. She sounds so f*cking scary..

5. …? So she sued him for sexual assault and yet she talks about how much she misses him..??

6. I saw her Twitter account and to be honest, she sounds really off.. I think she’s mentally ill..

7. I’m getting goosebumps all over my body..

8. What is this..? Is she a fan of Kim Hyunjoong..?

9. It could be to other way around, Kim Hyunjoong is the actual victim here.. Not her..

10. I think it was informed in the news. They admitted they did sexual intercourse, and the woman is currently receiving treatments for her mental right now..

11. The more I read her tweets, the scarier she sounds..

12. So the reporters didn’t do a background check and just informed to the public everything she told them..??

13. I think Kim Hyungjoon needs to sue the reporters who inform this news..

14. What is this.. She’s scaring me off..

15. What in the world is going on right here?

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