Honestly, it’d be fun to be an idol

Of course, you will be the top idol … If you have a good relationship with the members, it will be fun to live in the dorm, and the fans will like you, and you will be very happy. Songs with your voice are often heard in the streets, and concerts. It’s interesting to practice on stages like Daejeon.

Of course, you can’t sleep well and that’s not a good thing. Top idols will interact with a lot of actors and actresses, you can also make friends with other idols, and also know the story behind the entertainment world.

Of course you will be tired and depressed for a long time … Contrary to normal life because it’s idol life

Would you want to be an idol?

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1. [+732, -7] I really envy that they have photos of themselves at the prettiest age with the fanciest styling.

2. [+362, -3] I want to do a concert the most. Seeing all the audience cheering for me and liking my stage that I’ve prepared would be fun.

3. [+334, -2] I envy that living the fancy life for about 10 years would give them enough money and experience to prepare for the second stage of life in their 30s.

4. [+152, -2] To be honest, I’m a homebody so I have no such thing as private life or a crush on someone. I can never understand the things that people talk about as disadvantages of being an idol. I think they’re all more than tolerable.

5. [+123, -1] There isn’t any job that isn’t hard. It’s true that idols have to be careful with their actions but if I had a chance, I’d be one. It brings a lot of money and after years and loss of popularity, a dating news won’t affect you that much. I’ll just live my life with the money I earned.

6. [+108, -89] Even when I’m tired or in a bad condition, I always have to smile at people and do everything. I think it’ll be really sh*tty. I even have to smile and hold hands with ugly people.

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