Wow Baekhyun is f*cking heart fluttering

This is crazy, that’s why I couldn’t leave the fandom even after 6 years

Please listen to BOL4 X Baekhyun’s ‘Leo’
It’s an interesting song that feels spring

Wow Baekhyun is f*cking heart fluttering

“Thank you for singing with me <3”

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1. [+159, -3] Both of them have long fingers

2. [+133, -4] The song is so good

3. [+120, -3] Both of them are so soft and fluffy, I love you

4. [+50, -1] Why is he so heart fluttering these days?… I love you Baekhyun-ah

5. [+45, -0] I was hesitating ever since I watched his Vlive a few days ago, so should I join the fandom now….? ㅠㅠ I knew of Baekhyun’s charm for a long time now

6. [+40, -0] If possible, please praise the song too.. To be honest, isn’t this a song that everyone needs to listen to?

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