Wow what’s up with ITZY’s coordi? Their comeback teaser is out

What’s up with Lia??;;

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1. [+675, -36] Their teasers always give the same vibe..

2. [+444, -9] JYP’s styling is seriously bad. Compared to their debut days, the styles of the kids are even worse. I’m pissed off

3. [+239, -10] Yeji’s belly button piercing… Lia is just… Looks like their coordi is their anti. Their faces are so luxurious and their proportions are good too. Why are they doing this?

4. [+111, -7] It’s good that ITZY is still sticking to their conceptㅇㅇ When TWICE kept singing cheerful and refreshing songs, people told them to stop copying themselves, but then started whining and saying how they missed TWICE’s old concept when they changedㅋㅋ I bet ITZY will get the same treatment

5. [+94, -1] Every time, there are talks about the coordi but even when they die, they still refuse to change

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