Wow why most of the idols coming out from Produce have failed

Wanna One, IZ*ONE, I.O.I were doing so well as a Produce group.. Why is the group from Produce almost ruined?

Once they disband, don’t people just end up following their bias? Which groups ended up doing well after Produceā€¦ Why is everyone going down?

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1. [+755, -46] The final winner of Produce 101 was Chungha. Jeon Soyeon too. After all, if you have talent, you will survive

2. [+395, -15] Looking at the chemistry of their groups, and looking at their chemistry with kids I’ve never seen, I got turned off

3. [+376, -5] I’m a fan of Produce groups but it’s true that the companies can’t do their work

4. [+243, -26] Chungha, Jeon Soyeon and NU’EST

5. [+228, -6] I feel bad for Kim Sejeongā€¦ She should be solo not Gugudan

6. [+228, -20] To be honest, NU’EST is the only boy group who’s doing well in digital and fandom, and for female idols, I can only think of (G)I-DLE and Chungha

7. [+205, -115] There’s NU’EST

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