Wow why most of the idols coming out from Produce have failed

Wanna One, IZ*ONE, I.O.I were doing so well as a Produce group.. Why is the group from Produce almost ruined?

Once they disband, don’t people just end up following their bias? Which groups ended up doing well after Produce… Why is everyone going down?

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1. [+755, -46] The final winner of Produce 101 was Chungha. Jeon Soyeon too. After all, if you have talent, you will survive

2. [+395, -15] Looking at the chemistry of their groups, and looking at their chemistry with kids I’ve never seen, I got turned off

3. [+376, -5] I’m a fan of Produce groups but it’s true that the companies can’t do their work

4. [+243, -26] Chungha, Jeon Soyeon and NU’EST

5. [+228, -6] I feel bad for Kim Sejeong… She should be solo not Gugudan

6. [+228, -20] To be honest, NU’EST is the only boy group who’s doing well in digital and fandom, and for female idols, I can only think of (G)I-DLE and Chungha

7. [+205, -115] There’s NU’EST

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