Wreaths are sent to Cube from the (G)I-DLE gallery

Since Cube has not yet responded to the fan’s second statement, the (G)I-DLE gallery (their true fans) sent a rice wreath and 2 wreaths to Cube.

For reference, they are planning to send more.

“Why are halting promotions while there’s no promotion? School violence shouldn’t lead to self-reflection but withdrawal”

“Cube who is hugging a school violence perpetrator is also a perpetrator”

“Either explain yourself clearly or quit”

original post: theqoo

1. The fans must be so upset..

2. Is it a rice wreath in the middle? Cube, please listen to the fans’ opinions..

3. Seo Soojin, please leave the group

4. That’s right.. Withdraw or clarify

5. Please withdraw as soon as possible…….

6. I want Seo Soojin to see those wreaths with her own eyes. I want her to know that the fans turned their backs on her

7. I bet those wreaths will be thrown in the trash soon

8. Cube, wake up, please listen to the fans’ opinions

9. (G)I-DLE’s fans are truly amazing compared to other fandoms

10. Soojin, please apologize to the victim and leave the group

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