Write down units you’d like to see collab in the end of year stages

I’m writing all the units that I can think of

1. ’04 liners
Jang Wonyoung X Weeekly Jihan x STAYC Yoon

2. Aespa x ITZY

3. NCT x The Boyz
Or even just the Jaehyunz pt.2

4. Bbangz
The original bbangz + other ’00 liner idols (The Boyz Sunwoo, Eric, TXT Soobin, NCT Jeno, Jaemin, Haechan, etc)

5. Red Velvet x TWICE x BLACKPINK

6. Minhyukz
BTOB Minhyuk x MONSTA X Minhyuk x TXT Soobin

7. IU x Taeyeon

8. Maknaez
Each groups’ maknaes

I want to see EXO and BTS but I don’t think EXO will appear because of military service and I don’t think BTS will do the collaboration ㅠㅠ

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1. [+266, -33] Jin x Soobin rap

2. [+142, -25] MayFly… BTOB, Stray Kids, ATEEZ

3. [+107, -15] I want to see the combination of BTOB Minhyuk, ASTRO Sanha and TXT Soobin

4. [+87, -2] Wow Thing

5. [+84, -1] Dino, Lee Know and Jeno, they can perform as NoNoNo

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