“X1 disband, CJ ENM compensate for damage” … X1 fans have enough, releases manifesto

This statement is written to protect the dreams, honors and futures of 11 members of X1, and to demand CJ ENM’s sincere apology and disbandment of the group X1. cr

original post: naver

1. [+967, -231] What’s the reason behind writing an article that only shares the opinion supporting disbandment? There are over 260K members of X1’s official fancafe, and you call this representative?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ There are also over 7K accounts supporting X1 on Twitter. And there are a lot of people who support X1’s continuation on their fancafe too. Releasing and article with only one opinion is way too transparent.

2. [+758, -165] What the hell are trash journalists doing? They just go to any website and think they should write something like this, did they find this thing on Ilbe???

3. [+633, -144] Sorry trash journalist, but can’t you show both sides when you write? I’ve seen the activity support statement that was signed by 4,900 people to support X1 and send it to CJ ?. Do you guys see this?

4. [+488, -82] Those trash journalists only pick those provocative articles to write about

5. [+476, -91] He knows that there are 3 articles supporting their disbandment in the produce gallery, and only took the one supporting disbandment ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+274, -34] Dismantling will only create other victims. The kids should not be held responsible for the wrongdoings of CJ and Mnet. CJ and Mnet, don’t try to shirk responsibility, ensure the activities of the two groups and compensate the trainees who are the victims.

7. [+265, -26] I’m sick and tired of having comments that supporting disbandment of some fans making them look like they’re all fans. There are over 7K accounts supporting the activities of 11 people on Twitter and less than 200 accounts supporting disbandment. Above all, dismantling is never a solution, and it’s wrong for the kids to take responsibility for the mistakes of CJ and Mnet. CJ and Mnet should be responsible for the two groups that have already debuted and compensate the victims.

8. [+237, -43] There are over 7K accounts supporting the activities of 11 people and less than 200 accounts supporting disbandment.

9. [+238, -47] No one wants to disband, but the articles are crazy. Do you think they’ll do well when they go back to the agency?

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