X1 side “Appears on ‘Music Bank’, in talks with broadcasters”

A media reported that X1 will not stand on the stage of ‘Music Bank’, which will be broadcast on August 30.

An official of X1 said on the 27th that he was discussing with broadcasters about whether X1 would appear on ‘Music Bank’ or not.

original post: naver

1. [+881, -162] I really want to see you at Music Bank~ ~! I’m looking forward to the song at 6 o’clock today.

2. [+659, -75] I want to see X1 at Music Bank

3. [+541, -40] Cheer up, X1. Let’s hit daebak at 6 PM with FLASH.

4. [+477, -36] I really want to see X1 at Music Bank. I want X1 to stand on the stage and see you shine.

5. [+422, -29] I want to see X1 at Music Bankㅠㅠ!!

6. [+133, -21] I hope the agency will work properly. The members of X1 are not guilty. We haven’t heard the results of the investigation but people are rushing to give a decisive and provocative article. X1, 6 pm today! Let’s go on the flower path!

7. [+93, -6] I want to see X1 at Music Bank

8. [+83, -5] Please let our X1 come out, KBS.

9. [+82, -9] I think the group and the company are separate. I don’t know why X1 won’t come out. It’s so sad. I wish I could see X1 at Music Bank. Honestly, X1’s a victim, too. What’s the crime?

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