X1 reveals official fandom name

X1 reveals official fandom name

X1 reveals their official fandom name as One It. One It indicates 2 things: “we want X1” and the fact that “fans are one important love to X1.”

original post: theqoo

1. It’s embarrassing.

2. This is the parallel universe ^^

3. CJ seems to be in a hurry

3. I got news about vote fraud about two hours ago … so ridiculous

4. That is the parallel world. It’s a world different from the world where we got the news before.

5. “We want your money”

6. Why are they so crazy?

7. What are they doing? Are we living in a parallel universe?

8. Are you kidding me?

9. Shameless

10. I hope the truth will be revealed. The members are not wrong, but after their debut, they will be beneficiaries, so don’t say they are victims.

11. They are so brazen

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