Famous idol group suspected of plagiarism … “The same from the intro”

WikiTree announced on September 26 that X1’s debut song ‘FLASH’, released on August 27, plagiarized ‘Helium’ remixed by DJ Tiësto.

X1 suspected of plagiarism

original post: instiz

1. Oh … are you sure?

2. It feels similar but it’s not plagiarism. The songs are completely different

3. What …? I listened to both songs and it was different…

4. Well… I don’t know but there are some parts that feel similar…

5. I really don’t know … It’s not the same

6. Do you really think it sounds the same..? I didn’t even feel that way from start to finish.

7. I’m not an X1 fan, but It’s not the same…

8. Nothing similar ..

9. What? I listened to it and it was completely different…

10. Can anybody tell me the same parts…?

11. Plagiarism is a sensitive issue … so don’t mention it if you’re not sure..

12. I’m listening now, but I don’t know where it’s the same

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