“DoReMi Market” X1 Son Dongpyo “I wanted to meet DoReMi Market’s Kim Dong Hyun, Moon Seyoon, and Hyeri”

X1's Son Dongpyo is controversial with his manners on 'DoReMi Market'

On TVN ‘Amazing Saturday – DoReMi Market’, which aired on the 12th, X1 Kim Woo Seok and Son Dongpyo appeared as guests.

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1. [+2937, -1164] I wonder if Dongpyo is like that because he’s young or he’s always like that? I watched the live and this kid has no manners towards his sunbaes. He’s rude, especially towards Moon Seyoon.

2. [+2536, -1038] It’s not one or two things that bother me whenever I watch him on the show. He just ruins himself with his personality. You are not a starㅋㅋ Why did you already catch the celebrity disease? You showed no manners to Moon Seyoon and Boom and when you listened to Gray’s song, you said “What’you want?” What the hell was that? and kept pouting to the point where Moon Seyoon said “Do you hate me Dongpyo?”. The agency should send Kim Yo Han and Kim Woo Seok instead. He’s not even funny and a lot of people found his prodblematic

3. [+2097, -923] That Dongpyo brat, he has no manners

4. [+1764, -809] That’s Dongpyo’s personality…. It’s Shin Dongyub. If the MC was Kang Ho Dong, he would’ve definitely made a comment about him

5. [+1431, -573] He was the guest that was the most uncomfortable to watch on ‘DoReMi Market’. Before you learn how to be a celebrity, you have to learn how to be a decent human

6. [+798, -370] I was watching ‘DoReMi Market’ and he kept on speaking informally and was rude. It seems like everyone shared the same feelings about him.

8. [+754, -344] Fans say it’s because he is young. He was born in 2002 and he is 18 years old? There are many idols younger than him. I remember Jang Wonyoung, an idol, 16 years old, and she was politeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He needs more education, doesn’t he?ㅠㅠㅠ

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