Yang Hyun Suk “Step down from YG … The truth will be revealed through investigation”

Yang Hyun Suk announces plans to step down from YG Entertainment

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1.[+2475, -29] Now CEO of YG, is the younger brother of Yang Hyun Suk. He will do the same thing behind. I think it’s not a resignation but a runaway. In any case, Han Seo Hee did a big job. It’s like an agent who infiltrated as a trainee to destroy YG.

2. [+1078, -5] The CEO is Yang Hyun Suk’s younger brother. Yang Hyun Suk is not on the executive list. The biggest shareholder is Yang Hyun Suk. What’s the difference?

3. [+793, -16] He doesn’t have a position in the agency to put down.

4. [+458, -7] There are no different mafia members in Korea.

5. [+329, -3] What about Seungri?

6. [+164, -2] What’s the significance of losing a major shareholder and CEO is his younger brother? Haha… it’s like a human being with a lot of greed. Get an investigation.

7. [+88, -0] With one’s eyes closed, The biggest shareholder is still Yang Hyun Suk, and the CEO is Yang Hyun Suk’s younger brother. It’s going to explode even more. There’s a string of people running.

8. [+57, -2] He’s not the CEO. Don’t be so mean. It’s so funny

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