“Sent Han Seo Hee to America” … YG, hide T.O.P’s marijuana usage

Yang Hyun Suk reportedly sent Han Seo Hee to America in 2016 to hide T.O.P's drug use

Yang Hyun Suk reportedly sent Han Seo Hee to America in 2016 during BIGBANG’s “FXXK IT” promotions to prevent interactions between her and T.O.P

YG knew about their marijuana usage together, but tried to hide it.

original post: Dispatch via naver

1.[+682, -266] According to these articles, YG could not have listed its stocks and should have gone bankrupt if the investigation was made in 2011 during the Park Bom and GD drug marijuana. What I saw from the days of GD and Park Bom, then prosecutor Kim Hak Eui’s s*x scandal. The conclusion is that Yang Hyun Suk should have collapsed first.

2. [+512, -258] Don’t be fooled by Yang Hyun-suk’s ostensible resignation. Originally, he had no position, and being the largest shareholder remains the same. Let’s not listen to YG singers’ music. At least this way, YG realizes the seriousness of the public. Still no news about what the police are doing?

3. [+318, -119] I have a question for Dispatch. Why are you taking care of Kakao Talk? It’s like a personal chat that doesn’t have much content. Did Han Seo Hee give it to you? I want them to be sued.

4. [+309, -129] Han Seo Hee who supplied drugs is a true story, traveling abroad by airplane? If you want to investigate, bring Han Seo Hee and investigate together.

5. [+319, -148] Why did you release kakaotalk? There is not much important content from the message, and you should cover her profile. Why do you keep revealing her personal kakaotalk?

6. [+326, -167] So Han Seo Hee was a drug supplier. What are you doing without her?

7. [+263, -141] Han Seo Hee sold all the drugs. Shouldn’t we catch her?

8. [+136, -52] Han Seo Hee is a criminal who provides drugs and why she is traveling overseas without being investigated. She decided to enter Korea last week, but if you see that she still hasn’t, she came back overseas.