“Spotted committing illegal hwanchigi” Yang Hyun Suk, gambling baccarat in Las Vegas

Yang Hyun Suk under investigation for illegally gambling abroad

Yang Hyun Suk reportedly used a VIP room at a hotel in Las Vegas, United States and played Baccarat. An anonymous informant stated, “There’s no need for him to take money for gambling, as he can borrow dollars locally and return the money in won in Korea. As far as I know, he usually exchanges ‘by hand.’ Someone from Yang Hyun Suk’s side personally delivers the money to the illicit money exchange dealer.”

According to FIU, he also used bank accounts for the illegal transactions. Approximately 1.3 billion won (approximately $1 million) were exchanged by unregistered foreign exchange transactions.


Yang Hyun Suk under investigation for illegally gambling abroad

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1. [+3418, -45] BIGBANG and Yang Hyun Suk already made a lot of money from such bad things … I’m pissed off at it the most!!

2. [+707, -13] It’s a typical example of what happens when a person who doesn’t learn and ignorance is sitting on a CEO’s seat. Does he think he is the real CEO? He can’t manage his singers. That is the end of his filth.

3. [+634, -4] I can’t imagine. Where is Yang Hyun Suk’s bottom?

4. [+321, -16] Yang Hyun Suk Out!

5. [+145, -18] BLACKPINK Out

6. [+56, -3] Maybe this is how Seungri learned from him – YG, gambling, drugs. That’s great.

7. [+54, -1] Aren’t you ashamed to see your daughter?

8. [+65, -15] YG OUT, I will not listen to YG’s Music

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