Yeosu Police Station “Rumors of BTS fan meeting are not true”

Yeosu Police Station "Rumors of BTS fan meeting are not true"

Everything is unfounded as expected.

An official at Yeosu police station in Busan said on the 16th, “All rumors regarding BTS fan meeting are not true.”

“Yesterday, everything through the Internet and SNS is not true. The police have never confined fans.”

Some people have created unfounded rumors. A police officer threw a chair just because the crowd was noisy. A security officer accidentally touched a female fan and that was not s*xual harassment. According to confirmation results, it turned out that all were correct.

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original post: naver

1.[+184, -13] Security staff, what you have to do is create a culture that works better. I hope that this is the time, rumors will go down. I’m sure you don’t want to see them spread out. After a long time, there was a lot of noise …

2. [+143, -12] Get rid of rumors on Twitter

3. [+120, -5] I want to hit those who spread the false information.

4. [+76, -9] Yesterday, The hater has created a lot of rumors and try to give false information.

5. [+48, -1] The truth will always come out, if you hadn’t hurt them.

original post: theqoo

1.They are not fans, fans will not do that.

2. Don’t create rumors.

3. Yesterday I met a police officer at the fan meeting. That’s not it … Don’t create strange rumors …

4. Let’s sue those who created the rumor.

5. And there are stupid people to believe in those ridiculous rumors.

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