Big Bang’s T.O.P will be discharged from military today … YG “He will return home quietly”

YG addresses Big Bang T.O.P's discharge from the military

YG Entertainment said: “We have no further comments. T.O.P will return home quietly.”

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1.[+247, -161] Just don’t come out on TV~

2. [+146, -86] I miss you

3. [+132, -72] It’s been 10 years since I liked Big Bang, I became a mother. Today I wake up and turn on the computer, but T.O.P makes me shed tears. My wish is to go see the concert with my children. Please come back soon. And I hope you will be better and don’t mind the malicious comments.

4. [+154, -95] T.O.P, good job done on the last day. Fighting!

5. [+91, -32] I think everyone can make mistakes and the future is important. I’ve been waiting. I hope you don’t forget that there are fans who are cheering for you.

6. [+74, -22] Han Seo Hee is a celebrity, even distributing drugs, but T.O.P lives quietly without Instagram for two and a half years. Let’s give him a good look from now on.

7. [+50, -11] Even an idol who was drunk driving and causing an accident also appeared in Arthdal Chronicles drama. Why T.O.P. retire?

8. [+38, -11] From now on, just show us your good side. Life is long. There are many people in Korea who have spent their youth listening to Big Bang songs. Please leave us a beautiful memory.

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