YG “G-Dragon and Jennie are dating? We can’t confirm anything”

On February 24th shortly after the dating report went out, YG Entertainment officially responded “We can’t confirm anything about our artists’ private lives. We ask for your understanding.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. It’s their private life, there is no reason to reveal it

2. YG, I like this

3. Good good, YG doesn’t need to admit it’s true or not

4. For real, you don’t have to answer stalkers

5. YG is good at this

6. I hope they don’t admit it whether it’s true or not. It’s their private life, leave them alone

7. I hate YG, but I have to admit that they are so good at this

8. Don’t admit it, Jennie is doing so well now, don’t admit it and don’t deny it

9. I think YG is good at handling the dating of their artists

10. Well, I like this answer the most

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