YG side “WINNER Lee Seung Hoon, YG’s deputy director NO … Concealing intervention is not true”

YG denies Lee Seung Hoon involved in the scandal + clarifies nickname

YG Entertainment has released an official statement denying WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon’s involvement in the 2016 case involving “A”.

The report that Lee Seung Hoon is a deputy director of YG is not true. “Deputy director” is a nickname Lee Seung Hoon has earned because he has suggested many ideas at the agency.

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1.[+1847, -165] Reporters writing articles without checking reality is a problem.

2. [+1538, -114] It’s a nickname that Lee Seung-hoon got when he worked. The reporters didn’t even check it out, Not Lee Seung Hoon. He’s an idol.

3. [+118, -43] Now they use him as a shield.

4. [+973, -47] All day, they used Lee Seung Hoon as a shield and now. How do you feel?

5. [+685, -25] What’s that, a nickname?

6. [+498, -20] I think the biggest victim of this incident is Lee Seung Hoon, who came back after three years, and he seems to love BI so much. Lee Seung Hoon asked if she was right that BI used kakaotalk to buy drugs, but I think he was treated worse than BI. BI and Yang Hyun Suk have sinned … and Lee Seung Hoon is a shield.

7. [+482, -17] The title is cover-up, but no matter how much you read the article, you haven’t done much. Dispatch treat the public like idiots? It was BI and Yang Hyun Suk who sinned, but only Lee Seung Hoon was mentioned the most.

8. [+335, -4] YG’s nickname, “Deputy director,” came up with a lot of ideas on his own because he didn’t care, and I saw him using it to name articles as if it were a big part of the drug case, and I couldn’t believe it yesterday.

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