CL, leaving YG? “Negotiating a renewal … Not decided yet”

YG is currently discussing contract renewal with CL
YG is currently discussing contract renewal with CL

According to an exclusive report from Sports Today, CL is leaving YG Entertainment.

The report claims that talks to renew her contract with the agency did not work out.

A source from YG Entertainment responded, “We are currently discussing contract renewal with CL.”

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1. [+368, -9] Yang Hyun Suk will regret losing CL for the rest of his life. She’s good at singing, rapping and dancing, and has a presence that seems like she was just born for the stage. Can’t believe they just blew years of her life like that.

2. [+264, -5] If YG has a conscience, let her go. They wasted her peak years while desperately clinging to BLACKPINK. Let her go, don’t hold her back now. Focus on your desperate BLACKPINK and let Sandara go too. You’re just an entertainment agency in name because you don’t give your other artists any support. Have some shame and let her go.

3. [+92, -2] Lee Chaerin, let’s walk a flower path. It’s time to start.

4. [+75, -5] Chaerin-ah, let’s escape YG

5. [+47, -3] Imagine the synergy if CL reunites with the other members but I’m not sure if their relationship is good.

6. [+16, -2] Sandara should leave and they can all reunite as 2NE1

7. [+16, -5] CL has no benefit to stay. What has YG done for her all this time other than betray her? Dara should leave now too. I want to see the four of them on stage again.

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