Introducing BLACKPINK’s full album

YG makes announcement about BLACKPINK's comeback

“Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to thank our fans for always supporting and showing love.

We would like to inform you on BLACKPINK’s plans this year.

After long hours of work, we’ve completed recording over 10 tracks of BLACKPINK’s new songs, which compose BLACKPINK’s first official album.

BLACKPINK’s first beginning in 2020 will be releasing the pre-release title in June.

The group is currently almost done on preparing for visual shooting and choreography practice.

The second plan is to release the second single on a special format in either July or August.

Please understand that we can’t speak of details at this moment.

We are planning to release BLACKPINK’s first official album in September.

As we’ve prepared for this album for a long time, we will release contents in 3 different terms so that the group will get opportunities to visit the fans with more contents and performances.

Please look forward to Lady Gaga’s upcoming “Sour Candy” to be released on May 29, which BLACKPINK participated on. YG Entertainment will run global projects with Universal Music, the biggest music label on the planet, for BLACKPINK’s leap into the global market.

Please show love and support towards BLACKPINK and the members, sincerely working hard for their upcoming comeback.

Thank you.”

original post: theqoo

1. 10 new songs? Not 10 songs including existing songs? I can’t believe YG

2. YG, I won’t believe it until BLACKPINK releases their full album

3. I thought it would be released in June, but finally, the full album will be released in September…. What a scam company

4. BLACKPINK’s comeback?… No one believes until the teaser comes out

5. I think YG is turning BLACKPINK into version 2 of 2NE1

6. Alright, in September, please give us BLACKPINK’s full album ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Just keep what you say…

7. YG treats BLACKPINK fans like beggars.. If it were me, I would have left the fandom

8. This is their 5th year, but the 14 songs are real…? What the hell is YG doing?

9. September? What the hell? So what about the other singers?

10. Teddy is the only composer of YG? YG should hire more composers or buy songs from other composersㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Is this hard?

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