TOP, Suspicions For Special Treatment? Yongsan Office “No Special Treatment… Proper Sick Leave”

Yongsan Office clarifies Big Bang TOP's sick leave controversy

Following the reports suspecting that BIGBANG’s T.O.P is receiving special treatment while serving his mandatory military duties, the Yongsan District Office has denied the reports in a thorough explanation.
On March 19, MBC’s “Newsdesk” had reported that the calendar of T.O.P’s work days showed that he took off more days as sick leave than his peers and that there was no document stating his diagnosis.

In response, a source from the Yongsan District Office clarified, “In the case of a public service worker requesting for sick leave and also wanting to take four consecutive weekdays off, he is required to submit a document of the doctor’s official diagnosis. However, T.O.P has never taken four consecutive weekdays off. He did not need to submit the document because the four days he took off included the weekend.”

The source continued, “However, if [a worker] wants to take three or less weekdays off as sick days, [he] has to submit the confirmation of treatment, prescription, and a doctor’s note. In addition, if he received treatment but [his conditions] unfortunately did not improve, and he has to take sick days off without going to the hospital, it’s possible [to take sick leave] if he gets permission from the head of the department.” In Korea, a doctor’s note contains only a medical opinion, and it is different from requesting a document of the doctor’s official diagnosis.
The source added, “After checking T.O.P’s dates of sick leave, we found that he submitted all the required documents that prove [the validity of his reasons for taking sick leave]. Furthermore, he is granted 30 days of sick leave until he is discharged from his service, and young men with health issues work as public service workers for a reason.”

The source concluded, “[The news outlet] raised questions and reported without fully comprehending the regulations.”

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1.[+427, -6] If you see it like that, this person is just saying whatever he likes whenever he wants. He was a conscripted policeman and then smoked marijuana and was removed from his position, but then, he came back as a social worker. He even got to spend the holidaysㅋㅋ our country is too lax when it comes to criminals

2. [+145, -5] If the other social workers get to use their sick leave like that too, I’ll acknowledge that it wasn’t special treatment

3. [+146, -14] Bigbang are impressive…

4. [+99, -3] A person who did drug didn’t even get punished and is eating and living just fine. What are we teaching our kids?? This is seriously pathetic

5. [+50, -5] You young people who have unhealthy bodies… it wasn’t your mental state though?

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