Lizzy’s Instagram Story…

Hater: Your group got stomped on by KARA and SNSD, right?
Hater: What kind of name is Lizzy anyway? Sounds so Japanese.

Lizzy: Child, do you have nothing to do…?

Hater: Hahaha don’t you think so?
Hater: Your group got owned by Kara and SNSD, huh?
Hater: Right?
Lizzy: Yup ^^
Hater: Why did you get owned by Kara and SNSD
Hater: Hahahaha
Lizzy: Why are you bringing up such old news…? Do you have nothing to do
Hater: Kara and SNSD are more famous than your group

Hater: Why are you sharing this?

original post: theqoo

1. Crazy.. That hater has nothing to do?

2. No, it’s so childish that it’s ridiculous.. it’s ugly..

3. That hater is obsessed with Kara and SNSD;;

4. I was curious so I took a look at that hater’s account, and it seems that MONSTA X and Lovelyz are that hater’s favorite groups

5. Why did you do that to Lizzy? Are you crazy?

6. That hater’s life is pathetic…

7. Suddenly?

8. Not only Lizzy, but also other celebrities get many malicious messages on Instagram, but I hope she will sue all of them

9. There are a lot of people who know Lizzy even if they don’t know MONSTA X

10. You should go to hospital if you have mental illness

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