China takes measures to ban all idol audition programs

‘Youth With You’ with BLACKPINK’s Lisa is canceled right before season finale as Chinese government puts a ban to all idol audition programs

original post: theqoo

1. China is definitely a communist country

2. We should also ban Chinese idols from appearing on Korean audition programs

3. I don’t like audition programs either but shouldn’t they finish what they started at least?

4. Please ban Chinese idols from debuting in Korea🙏

5. Wow, that’s so sad for the contestants

6. I’m afraid that one of the debut opportunities for the Chinese kids is gone, so they will move to Korea more…

7. They are on their way to ruin their country

8. After that, the Chinese kids will appear in audition programs in Korea and debut. I hate this so much

9. Well… I don’t think C-pop will catch up with K-pop

10. Why did they send the BLACKPINK member there…

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