YouTube subscriber rankings and estimated earnings related to entertainment channels

BLACKPINK: 48.3 million subscribers
Big Hit Labels: 44.2 million subscribers
BANGTANTV: 37 million subscribers
SMTOWN: 24.1 million subscribers
JYP Entertainment: 18.2 million subscribers

Monthly YouTube revenue

BLACKPINK: 3.2 billion won
Big Hit Labels: 2.3 billion won
JYP Entertainment: 1.3 billion won
BANGTANTV: 1.1 billion won
SMTOWN: 1 billion won

original post: theqoo

1. BLACKPINK is the best…

2. Well, the revenue on YouTube is huge

3. But I’m curious how do they calculate this?

4. BLACKPINK has more subscribers than BTS? Daebak

5. BLACKPINK views are mainly from Southeast Asia, so I don’t think they make more money than BTS on YouTube

6. BLACKPINK’s subscriber growth trend is crazy.. Every time I watch a video on their channel, I see the channel increase by 300,000 and 500,000 subscribers in a few days

7. Big Hit, please upload MVs to BANGTANTV channel..

8. If Big Hit uploaded the MVs to the BANGTANTV channel, BANGTANTV would have had more than 50 million subscribers. If you are going to make a comparison, you should think about the combination of BANGTANTV and Big Hit Labels

9. I can’t believe BLACKPINK is much higher than BTS

10. But why is BLACKPINK so popular on YouTube? Is it because they upload the MVs to their channel?