Additional video about the dating of Ravi and Taeyeon

YouTube channel ‘Reporter Simple Lee’ insisted that Taeyeon and Ravi were dating.

The pair had denied the news that they were dating. ‘Reporter Simple Lee’ was the first person to report the dating news, and while her first video has been deleted, she uploaded a second video where she said, “I’ll tell you just the facts. I learned of their relationship back in October from an insider who knows them very well. It’s true that they’ve been dating for a year. Their relationship is more than just sunbae-hoobae. They depend on and care about each other. What more do I have to say? They spent the entire time since Christmas to today together. I’ll show you the video of them dating. It’s up to you to decide.”

She insisted, “They’re both popular celebrities, so they enjoyed their date at home. They were together for 55 hours from Christmas to the 27th. They never left each other’s side.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Crazy, she really gave me goosebumps… Wow.. I feel bad for Ravi and Taeyeon. Was she stalking what they did?

2. How creepy… Is that a reporter? That’s just a stalker

3. I’m a muggle, but I think celebrity personal information is being revealed too much.. I think I should report this video

4. Wow, it’s crazy to invade someone else’s privacy, but can’t she be sued for something like this?

5. Are you a stalker? They don’t do anything bad, just leave them alone

6. I guess she’ll keep revealing something until they admit it

7. Why are you proudly talking about selling someone else’s private life.. Whether they’re dating or not, I don’t care

8. Disgusting

9. More than 3,000 comments, daebak

10. Whether they are dating or not, it seems like you are invading their privacy too much

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