Kingdom’s side “Yunho will drop out of the show, Changmin is the only MC”

“Mnet has received a notice from SM Entertainment stating Yunho won’t be participating in the ‘Kingdom: Legendary war’ until the police investigation results are out. As a result, Mnet has decided to film the program with Changmin only. As far as the pre-recorded portion of Yunho is concerned, the edits will be made accordingly.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. I’m so happy

2. Well, he will have more time, so he can advise his friends on their concerns regularly

3. I can watch Kingdom comfortably

4. Changmin fighting

5. Mnet should have kicked him out of the show

6. I think Changmin will do well

7. Of course, Changmin alone is enough

8. If Yunho was the MC, then the junior groups would be embarrassed

9. Changmin, I love you, you will do well❤

10. Is it the 2nd BIGBANG?

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