‘Believe and listen’ Zico, Produce music for ‘Produce X101’

Zico produces a song for 'Produce X 101' concept assessment round

Zico produces a song for ‘Produce X101‘ concept assessment round and joined as a producer.

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1.[+562, -126] What about gold phone, crazy???

2. [+287, -100] They’re going to cut out ‘Produce X 101’ when the golden phone comes out.

3. [+234, -97] Why not publish data in gold phone?

4. [+180, -101] Don’t ruin the personality of trainees.

5. [+150, -97] There’s a golden phone.

6. [+70, -36] ‘Move’. Awesome. I love your song.

7. [+43, -10] They talked about Zico’s phone, but the fact that it doesn’t have to do with Jung Joonyoung’s case. They really like to participate in a song produced by Zico. Don’t be inferior to someone who lives without sin.~~~

8. [+43, -10] I’m excited. I trust Zico.

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